Monday, November 12, 2007

NaBloPoMo Gratitude #12

I've been thinking about paths not taken, choices not made, and sometimes, the things escaped or avoided by pure luck, or as I understand these days, pure grace. It seems that there has been a conspiracy of goodness that gently but firmly has nudged me, over and over again toward the places that I needed to go, the people I needed to meet. I refuse to believe it's random. I choose to believe it's God. I'm grateful to finally have lived long enough to see enough of life to understand that there really is a big picture here while still being young enough in spirit to be amazed by it.


Diane said...

this is a good one, the paths not taken. I still think about that... esp. with regarding to becoming a mother. So thank you for that.

Katherine E. said...

The path not taken...the road less traveled...Robert Frost...Scott Peck. Yes, it can be a fascinating topic. I love your phrase "a conspiracy of goodness."

Barbara B. said...

cool :)