Monday, November 12, 2007

Ten Random Things (By Maggie the Peke)

Maggie the Peke says: Rowan, Lindy's canine companion and wise theologian in his own right has tagged me to play the ten random things meme. BTW, I interviewed Rowan at his blog last week, just in case you want to know even MORE great stuff about him! So here are my things:

1. I like cat food better than dog food. Paws down! (But I am still trying not to go eat it cuz I'm not supposed to.)
2. Sometimes I have trouble staying awake while meditating. Not real often of course, I am very spiritual after all!
3. I like it when rdk and dearone leave the radio on for us when they are gone, I prefer MPR.
4. I HATE being combed. Especially by Dear One who Takes It All Very Seriously and even Has Talks with RDK about not being a good dogmom to me and letting me get mats. I don't mind mats so much. It's the combing. OUCH!
5. My favorite place outside is the fern bed in the summer. Cool and dark and mysterious. I play jungle hunter.
6. My favorite treat is greenies. I don't get them enough (hint hint)
7. My best friend's name is Maggie, too. She is also a dog. I can't remember what kind but she's curly and white and she bounces.
8. I really like baths. Especially the wrapping up part after.
9. I don't like hot weather. It makes me pant and I have to rest on walks.
10. I had ticks this year. They were icky, specially the one we missed. EEUUWW!


Mother Laura said...

Thanks Maggie! It's good to learn more about you.

Do you think you could tag your mama to play? If not, I maybe will after I finally get organized to post mine (Magdalene's Musings tagged me last week).

RevDrKate said...

ML, My mom played the ten things one last week on her blog. you can see it here.

Mother Laura said...

Thanks, Maggie--I missed that one.

Rowan The Dog said...

Dear Maggie,

These are real swell answers, I'll tell you what. I feel happy that you played this great game with me. Have fun in the fern!



Diane said...

great ten things, Maggie! - Diane and Scout