Thursday, November 08, 2007

NaBloPoMo Gratitude # 8

Tai Chi. Definitely tonight, the gratitude is for Tai Chi. I only came to it recently, but from the first time I moved through it I was hooked. There were four of us tonght. I came right from vestry. It was so lovely to leave words and thinking behind and just fall into rhythm and energy letting the chi carry me, feeling it literally move through my hands. As we finsh the movements we formally bow to our own chi then each other's, then break out in huge grins. We have all felt it, this amazing tangible essence that moved among and between us. "Again?" we ask, "Oh yes, let's go again." And we do.

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Katherine E. said...

Ah, it helps me relax just reading about Tai Chi, Kate. I love it as well (although our teacher is no longer coming to the church to offer the class).