Tuesday, November 06, 2007

NaBloPoMo for November Gratitude # 6

There is such wealth here in the land of RevGal blog to be grateful for. While I am posting my daily gratefuls I am also reading other folks daily NaBloPoMo and other posts and am so glad that while I am attending to my small world, they bring to me and remind me of the need to pay attention to the issues and needs of the larger world. Of particular note:

Cecilia at Closeted Pastor linked to an article in the NY Times that helped me remember that gender issues live on. Gotta keep paying attention and doing our part for raising consciousness.

Mother Laura is writing to Popular Mechanics and firmly but gently calling them out on race and gender shortcomings. Reminder to myself to not just think about writing those letters, but actually doing it. Present tense verbs, Zacchaeus!

And Kate is using her NaBloPoMo to blog about environmental concerns. She has provided some wonderful food for thought and great links as well as an example from her landlords of how wasteful and thoughtless we can be about using resources. I'm stopping in daily and getting educated!

You have to page back a bit (but you could read your way back too, as there is always such good reading there.) to a very sobering post with links, on torture from Tandaina .

I could not miss on this list Jan, purveyor of poems, quizzes, cartoons, articles, links....and so much more from all over the world that tweaks my conscience and makes me think, or laugh, or cry or wonder.

And last but not least, Cheesehead provides one of those "things I wish I'd said" comebacks for those parish moments we have all had. Thanks, Cheese!

So today I am grateful for the wonderful, witty, wide ranging world of RevGals and their blogs and all the things they find and bring to my sometimes very little world, thus making it a bigger, better place.

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Mother Laura said...

Thanks for the props, RevDrKate. I got a "nuts" comment on that post, which is a tiny dis compared to what people of color face every day, but this is a welcome balance.

I did get the brilliant questions from Maggie, and hope to answer them asap. But I have been busy in blogland with some other comment threads, and IRL with finishing up the Toronto lecture (gotta be done today, as I fly out tomorrow) and wishing I could have finished it yesterday so I could move on to the AAR paper for a week from Saturday before I go....Prayers please!