Sunday, October 05, 2008

God Watching Day 5

"Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now." Matthew 6:34a The Message

We had twenty-seven people for worship today. For us that is a veritable bursting at the seams full-house. The choir resumed for the season and all four of us did an admirable job with the communion anthem. Our celebrant did an awesome job of weaving all three of the Scripture readings into a cogent sermon. We had our oldest member present who recently had angioplasty and is doing well, and we had our two youngest whose mom has agreed that they are ready to start Sunday school, something we have not had for several years for lack of the requisite participants. God? Doing quite a bit for one mere hour.

At our ministry team meeting after church we decided we are ready to start adding an "intercessory prayer station" very soon where people can go for a personal prayer while others are receiving communion. A person on our team was very honest about some things that she has been wanting to say. They were heard and she felt better. God? Another good ninety minutes.

Maggie and I went and joined our friends over at the Catholic church for a blessing of the animals after the meeting. There were probably about thirty dogs of all colors, shapes and sizes...and one cat... all gathered in the priests' garage due to the inclement weather. And they all behaved admirably while Father P led a lovely service of readings and prayers. At one point we were saying a responsorial litany, and at each point where we were to dear doggie gave a polite little "woof." She was then liberally asperged with the holy water...and dutifully shook it off! That's my girl! And we don't even have to ask about where God was in this one do we?

One of the challenges of the rest of day was a fruitless search for my BE bracelet. I realized this morning it was gone and I think it went missing after a session in the fitting room at Goodwill last night. I went back there today to ask about it but no-one has found it. I've been literally wearing it every day since I got it on the cruise. My wrist feels kind of naked and my heart feels kind of heavy. I told the nice ladies that it had great sentimental value to me and that I would check in again in a couple days. What I know about objects is that when the thing is no longer with you, all it represents remains. I also know that I can still miss things that mean a lot to me and grieve their loss. So the chick still might be needing a little extra wing time. Good thing it's always right there. Because that is what God is doing right now, too.


Kate said...

Way to go Maggie!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

This is an awesome list of God activities.

I'm sorry about the bracelet. I hope you find it unexpectedly.