Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What God is Doing 1

"Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now." Matthew 6:34a The Message

My first day of intentional attention has been interesting. I have felt like a spy, looking carefully for evidence of God's presence in the events of the day. One of the sightings came early with my first client of the day. He is a wonderful Nam vet who is discerning vocation in peace and social justice work and delights in telling me about all the quirky ways in which things "just happen" in his life to let him know he is headed in the right direction. Easy to see what God is doing there!

After he left there was a minute to check e-mails and remember back to last night's gathering with my Soul Sisters' Bible Study. We met at Sister C's farm last night. She is the owner of a grove that has to be the thinnest place I have been in a long time. God was in the light, in the ancient stones, in the wind, and the silence And God was in the love and laughter between us as later we shared a meal around a campfire then blessed C's new greenhouse. What God was doing right then was rejoicing right along with us, I think.

I felt a kind of tension in myself today. An alertness, a watching. Almost a sense of expectation as if I thought something different was going to happen. Silly in a way. My head knows that this is only an attentional shift. I am always here and so is God. And yet I do know the transformational power of attention. So it begins.


mompriest said...

Very cool...this will be an interesting journey for you...maybe I'll take this on sometime soon...right now my head is soooo full of leadership stuff as I try to rally the flock into a common direction instead of randomness

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful first day. Your description of that grove makes me want to flee the city and find my way to the country asap!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

It's going to be so uplifting to read about this as it goes along.

I love your description of the grove.