Friday, October 03, 2008

St. Francis Day Friday Five

Sally presents us with a St. Francis themed Friday Five dedicated to St. Francis in honor of his feast day.

1. Saint Francis experienced a life changing call, has anything in your journey so far challenged you to alter your lifestyle? Six years ago when I moved across the state to do what seemed a necessary and practical thing in terms of job and finances, it also turned out to be a life-changing call to ministry and a while new life. More recently I have been hearing a still small voice urging me toward more simplicity. Toward paring down and gearing up towards...something...don't know what, but I have a hunch it's going to require that I travel a little lighter than I am right now. So I'm heeding that and starting slowly to simplify, get rid of and get ready.

2. Francis experienced mocking and persecution, quite often in the comfortable west this is far from our experience. If you have experienced something like this how do you deal with it, if not how does it challenge you to pray for those whose experience is daily persecution? When I was a kid I was teased and bullied a lot. It made me fearful and contributed to a lot of the critical inner voices I spent a long time eradicating. I think this is why I am so opposed to violence and persecution in all forms and hopefully am more sensitive and compassionate towards those who have similar experiences,

3 .St Francis had female counterpart in St Clare, she was influenced by St Francis sermon and went on to found the Poor Clare's, like the Franciscans they depended on alms this was unheard of for women in that time, but she persisted and gained permission to found the order. How important are role models like St Clare to you? Do you have a particular female role model whose courage and dedication inspires you? If so share their story....I love Clare. The Movie Brother Sun, Sister Moon was a real touchstone for me at a very hard time in my life. There have always been strong spiritual women in my life who have served as role models at various points along the way. The nuns who were my teachers, the first women to be ordained in the Episcopal church. And of course the women of my daily life!

4. Francis loved nature and animals, how important is an expressed love of the created world to the Christian message today? It had better get ever more important or there will not be one to love.

5. On a lighter note; have you ever led a service of blessing for animals, or a pet service, was it a success, did you enjoy it, and would you do it again? I haven't, would love to, and hope to do that one day. For this year, Maggie is going to go over and get blessed by the Catholics on Sunday afternoon in the parking lot across the street.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I was interested in your answer to number one. I hope that you share on the blog as it becomes more clear to you.

Sally said...

Thank you for this, as for travelling lighter I think this is something we all need to explore, and something I hate to admit that I am really bad at.

I am glad that St Clare has been an inspiration for you.

mompriest said...

ohhh..wondering where that still small voice of simplicity will call you...and, when I wrote about the bullying my son experienced, and the subsequent repercusions, I thought of you, and your healing gives me hope for him too.